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CLAWmarks is CLAWs' bi-annual magazine. Written by CLAWmembers for CLAWmembers, it's filled with in-jokes, subculture-specific humour, reports on CLAWevents and occasionally even some articles related to roleplaying.

Two regular features are the Archbigot of the Necropolis and the Classifieds. The Classifieds are a failed attempt to confine the in-jokes to one section of the magazine and then hide them at the back. The end result is always that the in-jokes breed rapidly during the editing process and then explode out, filling every nook and cranny - often squeezing out finely-crafted, insightful prose. If in-jokes are the Port Jackson of CLAWmarks then the classifieds are Australia.

The Archbigot is a lengthy, non sequitur rant directed at a random victim and written by the exhausted editorial team on the morning that the magazine is due to be printed. It often involves goats, bananas and freckles, and occasionally poodles too.

Here's a place for keeping track of current submissions.

Back Issues

You can find downloadable versions of some back issues below.

Physical copies of older back issues are available from the CLAWs library. Some are much, much more available than others.

Please help us get back issues online if you can!


Issue Released Digital master PDF Notes
56 Orientation 2017
55 Dragonfire 2016 Scribus?

Pocket edition.

54 Orientation 2016 Scribus

Pocket edition.

53 Dragonfire 2015 Scribus

Pocket edition.

52 Orientation 2015 Scribus

Pocket edition.

51 Dragonfire 2014 Scribus

Pocket edition. Ridiculously long edition; you probably don't own it because it was sold for way too much to cover printing costs.

50 Orientation 2014 Scribus

Pocket edition.

49 Dragonfire 2013 Scribus

Pocket edition. Limited printing of colour covers. Epic fail by the print shop resulted in late arrival. Some people got really special editions with upside-down pages or in one notable case an invitation to somebody's eightieth birthday party stapled into the centre.

48 Orientation 2013 Scribus?

Pocket edition

47 Dragonfire 2012 Scribus
46 Orientation 2012 Scribus Another A5 printing. Not exactly pocket edition, but it fits in a handbag. Subtle differences between high- and low-res PDFs because a bugfix in Scribus necessitated some text re-flowing.
45 Dragonfire 2011
44 Orientation 2011
43 Dragonfire 2010
42 Orientation 2010
41 Dragonfire 2009 InDesign
40 Orientation 2009 InDesign Printed as an A5 booklet. You might not see it in your collection because it's so short.
39 Dragonfire 2008 InDesign
38 Orientation 2008 InDesign
37 Dragonfire 2007
36 Orientation 2007
35 Dragonfire 2006

Kidnapped by the printers; released after Dragonfire.

34 Orientation 2006
33 Dragonfire 2005 Scribus
32 Orientation 2005 Scribus
31 Dragonfire 2004 QuarkXPress
30 Orientation 2004 none?
29 Dragonfire 2003 none?
28 Orientation 2003 PageMaker
27 Dragonfire 2002 PageMaker
26 Orientation 2002 PageMaker
25 Dragonfire 2001 QuarkXPress
24 Orientation 2001 Word
23 Dragonfire 2000 Word (partial?)
22 Orientation 2000
21 Dragonfire 1999 Also known as CLAWmarks Blackjack.
20 Orientation 1999
19 Dragonfire 1998
18 Orientation 1998
17 Dragonfire 1997
16 Orientation 1997
15 Dragonfire 1996 Some of the pages were printed out of order. This is corrected in the PDF.
14 Orientation 1996
13 Dragonfire 1995
12? Orientation 1995
11 Dragonfire 1994
10 Orientation 1994
9 Dragonfire 1993
8 Orientation 1993
7 Dragonfire 1992
6 Orientation 1992
5? Dragonfire 1991
4 Orientation 1991
3 Dragonfire 1990
2 Orientation 1990
1 Dragonfire 1989

CLAWmarks stuff


CLAWmarks has its very own ISSN, courtesy of DefyCapitalisation.

  • ISSN 1728-3221
  • Key title: Clawmarks
  • Abbreviated key title: Clawmarks

Note to future editors: The ISO standard on ISSN recommends to print the number preceded by the letters ISSN on each issue, preferably in the upper right hand corner of the cover. Now that you're aware of the recommendation, feel free to throw it out the windows.

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