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LARP stands for 'live action roleplaying' and features participants, in costume, acting out parts in some kind of (often political) drama that unfolds as the game progresses. (Although some LARPs do involve combat systems, that's not the type of game played here—the action is more social and political.)

Friday night: Higashino Mystery

Murder has rocked the small town of Riveton. Or has it?

Under the illusion of a happy small town everyone seems to have a secret. Detective Higashino is sent to their hometown to investigate the murder of a teaching assistant, Victoria James. Apart from solving this crime, Higashino has unresolved issues with some of the residents.

Contact nantalith@gmail.com for more information or to book.

Saturday night: Mind the Gap

The train pulls into the platform, bringing a rush of cold air with it as well, so typical of the London Underground. You pull your coat a little more closely to you as the beeping announcing that the doors are opening. You seat into the last carriage, which is the emptiest of the train, and instantly regret it. As there is a bag lady seated in one corner and a homeless man in another. But it's too late to get off the train now, the doors have already closed, you find a seat.

Trying not to look directly at the other passengers in the eye, you watch the safety videos about pick-pocketing, and staying hydrated. Just as the voice of the announcer is saying that the next stop on the Piccadilly line is the Holloway Road stop. There is an explosion and the lights go out.

Contact darkoutthere@gmail.com for more information or to book.

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