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Diner on Route 15

by Beth Tolson

  • Date: Sunday 7th; provisionally also Friday 5th
  • Time: briefing starts at 18h00
  • Cost: R50
  • Venue: Kramer 2A and 2B
  • Setting: 1986 just outside Las Vegas, in a diner on route 15.

The coffee is cheap and nasty. At least it’s hot! But what else would you expect from a diner on the road out of Vegas at 6 in the morning? It's no Caesars' Palace.

There are more people here than you would expect for this time in the morning. The ‘tastefully’ dressed bachelors trying to nurse their hangovers after a night of hitting the casinos and clubs. Is that a bit of whipped cream on one of their shirts? And here comes the Bride & her bridesmaids.

The locals are old hands to these strange hours kept by most of Vegas. They tend to drink their coffee blacker and less sweet than those visiting. Many of them preferring a different type of white powder. I hope the doughnuts are safe?

To sign up, please email Beth Tolson (darkoutthere at gmail dot com). The Sunday running is now full. There will be an additional running on Friday evening if there is enough interest, so please do sign up if you would like to play on Friday.

The Founding of Tellas Beta

by Rolf Weimar

  • Date: Saturday 6th
  • Time: briefing starts at 18h00
  • Cost: R60
  • Venue: Kramer 2A and 2B
  • Setting: science fiction

The Colony Wars between the Dranek Empire and the Human Alliance did not turn out in the Empire's favour. They were doing well for the first half of the war, but were eventually pushed back by the Humans and their allies. They would never have surrendered if it weren't for a mysterious spatial rupture which destroyed half of their core system. One of the main reasons behind the Human's military victory were the enigmatic Ayos who worshipped a race called the Ancients, a powerful space faring civilization that had once controlled the galaxy but mysteriously vanished. They have left ruins all over the galaxy. What makes their disappearance all the stranger is that the ruins, while clearly abadoned, are all in near perfect condition.

The Ancient homeworld was discovered about a thousand years ago by an emotionless and scientifically minded race called the Taynen. Only so much can be learned about the planet due to it being protected by massive planetary defence turrets and shields. The Taynen have great interest in spatial phenomenon and the rupture in Dranek space has been studied by them from afar for a while now, and they have been petitioning the Dranek empire for permission to conduct extensive research in the actual area of the rupture. The second space station built in the honour of the Ayos hero Tellas, has just been completed, and the Ayos Illuminate has invited representatives of all the major alien races to come celebrate this auspicious occasion with them. A chance to meet up and talk to representatives of the other alien races is a chance too good to pass up.

To sign up, please email Darren Louw (gabrieldlouw at gmail dot com).

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