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End of Days Mug (small)

Let There Be Mugs

Since Anna and Oliver got most of the way through organising mugs for Dragonfire 2007, it seems a shame not to have them made. I'm collecting names of interested people. When we have 30, Anna will place an order with the mug company. Mugs will be R30 each. To sign up, either put your name on the list below, or email hodgestar at gmail dot com.


Mugs at my (Hodgestar's) place. Contact me to collect. I'll cross people off below when they have their mugs. There are 50 available, so it's not too late to order. :)

Interested Parties


  • Tim Lawrence
  • Jonathan Hoffenberg
  • Norman
  • Yancke
  • Jeremy (from IRC)
  • Graham (eggbob)


  • Austin, Mark and Duncs (3, via A&S) (being wrapped)
  • Anna and Oliver (2)
  • Simon and Adrianna (2)
  • Neil Muller
  • Beth
  • Ian K
  • Adeeb and Grant (2, CLAWs sponsored)
  • Additional Adeeb
  • Yvette W (c/o Ian)
  • Chris Cecchini (c/o Ian)
  • Warren R (c/o Ian)
  • Zac (c/o Ian)
  • Lucas
  • Marc Pittermann
  • Garrick (c/o Ian)
  • Verolin (2)
  • Kevin
  • Davor Egersdorfer
  • Jason
  • Dom
  • Claire (c/o Ian)
  • Brendan
  • Sharpe
  • Mike
  • Bronwen (c/o Ian)
  • Andrea
  • Sean F
  • Philip and Jo (2) (still need monies)

Current Total: 41 (foo indicates mugs which have left my (Hodgestar's) place.)


The mugs will have this design, wrapped around the mug:

End of Days Mug Image (small)