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  • Bring Back the Boredom! by Berndt Hannweg
  • RPC Köln by Lucas Wheeler
  • Roo's Gonzo Icon Report by Reuel Miller
  • Centrefold
  • LA by Night by Anna Malczyk
  • Nemesis/Roll20 by Desilu Crossman
  • Romance in LARPs by Andrea Walker
  • Macintosh and the Mysterious Massacre by Stacy Fabre
  • My Little Oni by Kelvin Millington
  • 101 reasons why I hate apathy by The Archbigot of the Necropolis
  • Classifieds


  • Editing: Adrianna Pinska
  • Art: Kelvin Millington, Stacy Fabre, Tigers-Stock
  • Photos: Connie Neeser, Simon Cross, Zanthia
  • Layout: Adrianna Pinska, Simon Cross
  • Warez: Scribus, LibreOffice, the GIMP, Inkscape, & Subversion
  • Fontz: Divide by Zero, Averia, Simon

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